Rolf Sommer ist Botschafter für KoKoTé

Rolf Sommer is an ambassador for KoKoTé

This summer he spent three months in Thun and shone every evening as Dällebach Kari on the stage of the Thunerseespiele . Now the Uri actor and director Rolf Sommer has received the “ Best Actor in a Leading Role 2023 ” award from the German Musical Academy in Berlin for this role. What an honor for Rolf Sommer, who has been working as an actor for around 20 years and has had leading roles in numerous musicals and plays - and a little bit for the canton of Uri too.

Rolf Sommer Comedy Awards

Rolf Sommer at the Swiss Comedy Awards with the Kolibri shoulder bag

We were very happy when the popular actor offered to take on an ambassador role for KoKoTé. And this because he is convinced of the products, but also wants to support the work and integration project behind KoKoTé. “I am very impressed by the ideals of the founders of KoKoTé and convinced of the sense of this project, which enables refugees to complete a vocational apprenticeship in Switzerland,” says Rolf Sommer. Franz Huber, the CEO of KoKoTé, is also very happy about this new collaboration: “Rolf Sommer is a very likeable person and a great actor and I am very pleased that he is now helping to make our brand even better known.”

Rolf Sommer 2

Rolf Sommer with our Poschti across .

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