Entdecke den neuen Rucksack «Clap & Smile»

Discover the new backpack «Clap & Smile»

In a world that is constantly on the move, we need companions that are flexible, reliable and stylish. The " Clap & Smile " backpack combines all of these features and much more. With its four adjustable sizes, which are made possible by integrated magnets, this backpack effortlessly adapts to your everyday life - be it for business, leisure or travel. Like all of our products, the "Clap & Smile" is sewn in the KoKoTé factory in Uri, so it is Swiss Made! By purchasing it, you are also supporting the integration of refugees into the Swiss labor market.

Flexibility and adaptability

Thanks to its unique magnetic adaptability, the "Clap & Smile" backpack can be used in four different sizes depending on your needs . Whether for the daily commute, a short trip or a longer journey - this backpack always offers the right size.

High-quality, sustainable material

The "Clap & Smile" is made of lightweight, durable and sustainable ECONYL® . ECONYL® is made from recycled nylon waste and offers an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional materials. The water-repellent coating protects your belongings from moisture, even in light rain showers or damp conditions.

Practical and well thought-out design

This backpack is not only flexible and sustainable, but also extremely practical. With two spacious inner compartments, you always have easy access to your most important items. Your laptop up to 15 inches, a water bottle and other everyday items can easily find their place. The backpack can be closed with a zipper at the top to ensure the safety of your belongings.

There is a lockable outer compartment with a sewn-in key ring on the back, which provides additional storage space and security. The integrated suitcase strap on the back of the backpack allows you to quickly and easily attach it to your carry-on suitcase - ideal for frequent travelers.

Safety and visibility

Your “Clap & Smile” also includes a reflective magnetic band that provides additional safety by increasing your visibility in low light conditions.

Light and comfortable

Weighing just 590 grams, the "Clap & Smile" is light enough to carry all day without becoming a burden. The adjustable straps and ergonomic design ensure a high level of comfort, no matter how much you pack.


The "Clap & Smile" backpack is the ideal companion for anyone looking for a flexible, sustainable and practical backpack. Whether for everyday use, in the office, during sports or when travelling - this backpack adapts to your needs and looks good too. Discover the versatility and well thought-out functions of the "Clap & Smile" and make it your new favourite piece.

This is the perfect backpack for me!

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