Sustainability at all levels is our mission

Uri is our home, the canton of high mountains and breathtaking nature. These need to be protected. That's why, in our view, there is no way around responsible entrepreneurship, where companies live their responsibility - be it to nature, but also to society and our shared future - in everyday life and not just talk about it in their mission statement.

Responsible entrepreneurship was at the beginning of KoKoTé's history and has been practiced every day since. We produce bags and accessories made from sustainable materials whose origins we know exactly. We produce all of our products 100% in our Uri factory. We train refugees and give them the opportunity to complete a Swiss vocational apprenticeship so that they can lead a self-determined life in Switzerland without social assistance. And all profits that our company generates flow back into the project.

We are proud of that. And we hope that in the future more companies will take responsibility for people around the world and nature.

We produce long-lasting products with a positive impact.

Franz Huber and his wife Yvonne Herzog founded KoKoTé in 2015. From the very beginning it was important to them, on the one hand, to produce and sell bags and accessories with a clearly recognizable design, and on the other hand to implement a private-sector solution to the issue of education and integration of refugees. Both work on a voluntary basis for KoKoTé.


We know the origin of all materials. These are as ecological as currently possible.
We produce 100% in Switzerland, in our Uri factory.
We sew with solar power.

Social commitment:

We offer refugees (>26 years old) - especially women - the opportunity to combine work with education and support them until they complete their vocational training.

The KoKoTé factory is a project of the Association Equilibre . The income from the sale of the products secures future education and work integration measures.

Responsible entrepreneurship:

We are convinced that politics, society and companies must act together to counteract the social effects of demographic change, globalization, the climate crisis and growing social inequality. KoKoTé stands for responsible entrepreneurship by looking for the most socially and ecologically compatible solution in all areas of our activities

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