Ich bin Najiba Zadozaharo, Textilpraktikerin EBA

I am Najiba Zadozaharo, textile practitioner EBA

In Syria I was an accountant and my life revolved around numbers and being organized as a mother. Until the day I had to pack the essentials for my three children and leave everything behind. I couldn't have calculated on any computer or in my wildest imagination that I would arrive at KoKoTé and be so happy. The fact that I would one day become a seamstress for a Swiss bag manufacturer was not written in the night sky over Syria.

What I didn't know is that, in addition to my talent and joy in mathematics and number games, I also have a creative streak. At KoKoTé I found that I was able to make things that people liked. Even our designer! When we developed the Cerveau laptop sleeve, I was able to help with all the little details in sewing and design to make the product more practical and safe. After all, it is used for the most important tool in our lives, our laptop. I had to pack and unpack it often. The “Cerveau” is minimalist and practical, which was important to me because I know from my previous job what it’s like to walk around with a laptop. Balancing office files, handbags and laptops, bumping into doors and the dull sound of collisions can bring a cold sweat to your forehead.

Raising three children and working hard taught me a lot about organization. Now all three children are grown and I can concentrate on my newfound creativity. Well, I forgot to mention that my children became jealous when I completed my training as a textile practitioner EBA in Switzerland. I achieved higher grades than them! In fact, I could have been the mother of my vocational school colleagues, as I was the oldest learner in Switzerland. It is never too late.

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