Ich bin Janine Duarte, angehende Lederfachfrau

I'm Janine Duarte, aspiring leather specialist

My name is Janine Duarte and I can tell you a lot about processing leather and the importance of caring for natural materials. ECONYL® - recycled fishing nets - is also a great material because it is environmentally friendly. By reusing old materials and extending the life of products, we can bring hope into everyday life. In 2014 I came to Switzerland from Portugal and completed my apprenticeship as a textile practitioner (EBA).

Now I work at KoKoTé and would like to expand my skills as a leather specialist. There are only a few people in Switzerland who do this training and we hope that this special craft does not die out. Honestly, KoKoTé is a very unusual place! KoKoTé is an inspiring place where I work with colleagues from Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria and many other places - even some from Uri! Although the work is sometimes hard and serious, we learn a lot about responsibility and respect for our colleagues, materials and craftsmanship.

Here we find inspiration for new ideas and are driven to implement them. Visit me at the factory and I will show you what I made. My colleagues Amene, Achinedu, Shukriye, Najiba and Javad as well as our bosses Gönül and Adriana also worked with the utmost care and passion!
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