Ich bin Amene Nuri, Näherin bei KoKoTé

I'm Amene Nuri, a seamstress at KoKoTé

I sewed the 24 pieces of ECONYL® and bonded leather and cotton straps together to create the simplest and most practical KoKoTé bag. I put all my knowledge as a seamstress into every stitch I made for the three sizes of the “Poschti” shopping bag.

My name is Amene Nuri and I made the whole journey with my two sons from Afghanistan via Iran and Greece to Switzerland. It wasn't a shopping trip! Making “Poschti” is a kind of homecoming for me. As a mother and passionate seamstress, the craft of sewing has always accompanied me, no matter which country my escape took me to. There was an inner satisfaction in seeing things made with my personal standards of craftsmanship and the wonders that hands and mind can create. Doing this without being on the run is a feeling of having arrived.

My sons are an achievement for all of us: the chef and the aspiring IT specialist touch my heart. I'm also making progress in German. My teacher says I'm getting better, which is a good feeling. This sends me on a new journey without having to venture into the unknown. Hopefully I can start my training as an EBA textile practitioner soon and finally receive recognition for my skills.

Getting a Swiss stamp in craftsmanship is a great way to get started. Please feel free to visit me in the factory and I will tell you more about ECONYL® and sustainability, as well as why it is important to reuse our materials to protect our earth.

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