«Uf chlinem Fuess»

«Uf chlinem Fuess» – More exercise and environmental awareness for children

The mobility points collection booklet « Uf chlinem Fuess » motivates children to move more in their everyday lives with playful tasks and points collection –
be it on the way to school or on a hike with the family. This promotes health and strengthens environmental awareness. The children are rewarded with
Globi bags by KoKoTé. «Uf chlinem Fuess» is a project
the Association Equilibre and the Association of Children’s Hiking Trails Switzerland .

The “Uf chlinem Fuess” project aims to motivate children and their families in Central Switzerland to be more active in their everyday lives and in nature.
Using an animated mobility points collection booklet , children immerse themselves in an exciting adventure. Points are collected in a playful way, whether on
on the way to school, on environmentally friendly hikes or walks in the cantons of central Switzerland or by using public transport to get to the hiking destinations. This not only promotes health, but
also increases environmental awareness and reduces traffic. Children experience
«Uf chlinem Fuess» Enjoy completing tasks and collecting points – exercise becomes an adventure!

The central element of "Uf chlinem Fuess" is the mobility points collection booklet. It describes various challenges with tasks that have to be completed. This is how points are collected. If the children have collected enough points, they can use them to purchase one or more of 6 Globi products from KoKoTé. KoKoTé is the only large bag manufacturer in Switzerland and is also an education and work integration project of the Association Equilibre, where refugees can complete a Swiss vocational apprenticeship.

The mobility points collection booklets will be available on April 27 and 28, 2024 at the KoKoTé stand at the LUGA and will be distributed at various other locations in Central Switzerland. The booklet can also be ordered or downloaded from the website .

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