Ich bin Javad Hosseini, Textilpraktiker EBA

I am Javad Hosseini, textile practitioner EBA

The “Pändler” business bag consists of 84 individual parts. I know this because I have made many of them. My name is Javad Hosseini and I come from Afghanistan. However, that's not my whole story. I had to flee to Iran when I was 14 and years later to Switzerland. As a saddler, I know how to sew together even complex designs like those from our designer Carsten. Carsten is a nerd and I really appreciate that because it means I can show him the craftsmanship I learned in Iran. So I teach him everything that is possible and what is not. Well, we share the satisfaction when things go right and the final product has the high quality craftsmanship that we strive for at KoKoTé. My wife Asma, our three children Mustafa, Sarah and our youngest Princess Aischa, who is 5 years old, are all committed to learning.

We absorb knowledge like sponges. Not only is German taught as a foreign language at the KoKoTé school, but it also offers a new way to realize our dreams and develop our talents. This is how we can make our contribution. I am currently working as a “bag maker” for KoKoTé. In 2023 I completed my Swiss training as a textile practitioner EBA. Since then I have done a whole series of “Pändler”. It's very affordable considering it consists of 84 pieces that have been cut and sewn together. This bag will last you a lifetime, we promise!
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