Unsere Materialien: ECONYL®

Our materials: ECONYL®

ECONYL®, which we use in almost all of our products, is a sustainable nylon made from recycled materials such as fishing nets and carpet scraps. The special strength and versatility of the polyamide from which ECONYL® is made enables an innovative approach to recycling nylon. Chemical recycling preserves the positive properties of nylon, while pre-consumer and post-consumer waste is processed into “new” nylon using a sustainable approach.

Compared to conventional nylon manufacturing processes, ECONYL® is characterized by significantly lower CO2 emissions. Complete supply chain transparency and exemplary collection of materials make it an eco-friendly choice. Despite its synthetic nature, ECONYL® minimizes the impact on microplastics in the environment because the structure consists of long, continuous filaments.

KoKoTé considers ECONYL® to be a suitable and sustainable functional material for the production of high-quality products.

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