Ich bin Ali Ghorbani, Textilpraktiker EBA

I am Ali Ghorbani, textile practitioner EBA

It was a long and hard road to get to this position, as was my escape from Afghanistan, where I came from in 2014. With a little help from my friends at KoKoTé, I managed to achieve a final grade of 5.5 as a textile practitioner EBA and become top of my class. The fact that I can now work as a textile practitioner at KoKoTé is exactly the right thing for me and makes me happy and proud deep in my soul. It was a long journey from shame to pride! I am aware that everything could have gone wrong. That's why I do everything I can to support my colleagues so that they can do the same training as me.

KoKoTé is something special. This becomes particularly clear when we all come together to develop new things like the “ZuZi” shopping trolley. The development of “ZuZi” took six months. Every detail of functionality and production has been thought through a thousand times. With every consideration I had to ask myself: “Is it good enough to become a KoKoTé product?”

As an Afghan, it is strange and ironic for me to guarantee and take responsibility for “Swiss quality made in Canton Uri”. But that's what I do and what I'm proud of. I know from customers that the “ZuZi” has become a loyal companion – whether on foot or by bike! If you think that the “ZuZi” is only for shopping, I have ideas for a thousand other things you can do with it. Just come over for a chat! By the way, my colleagues and I share a new and healthy trend with “ZuZi” that makes sense for a better environment on our shared globe. The “ZuZi” is a truly ecological choice!

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