Javad Hosseini besteht die Lehrabschlussprüfung

Javad Hosseini passes the final apprenticeship examination

Javad Hosseini comes from Afghanistan but had to leave the country at the age of 14 when his family fled to Iran. Years later, his escape took him to Switzerland. He is married and has three school-age children.

In Iran, Javad Hosseini worked as an executive in an upholstery company. He led a team of 25 employees. Javad Hosseini is very talented in his crafts, but only attended school for 6 years. So he started his preliminary apprenticeship at the Association Equilibre and was soon able to start training as a textile practitioner (EBA) at KoKoTé, for which he already had a lot of previous knowledge from his time as a saddler in Iran. His dream is to run his own textile company in Switzerland. For him, training to become a textile practitioner is the first step on his way to fulfilling this career and (life) wish. Gönül Avcu, production manager at KoKoTé and Javad's teacher, is enthusiastic about how Javad developed during his vocational training: "Javad's sewing knowledge multiplied during the training period, as did his experimentation with different materials. Javad tackles the most difficult sewing tasks with great interest and motivation. He enjoys learning new things and brings a lot of ideas to production.”

The satisfied apprenticeship graduates at the diploma handover.

Javad Hosseini prepared very well for the practical final exam. That day, Javad was very calm and confident and handled the exam day with ease. At the end of the exam day, the exam experts were very satisfied, one even ordered the product made by Javad, the “2Täger” backpack. He received a grade of 6 for the practical exam and passed the LAP!

Everyone in Javad's family is taking advantage of the opportunity to learn: his wife Asma is preparing intensively to begin training as an SRK nursing assistant, perhaps in the summer - she has already passed the German test. She has also been attending Association Equilibre school classes since January 2022. Asma is also on the way to taking the next step to learn her dream job (health specialist). Everyone wants to learn and then give something back to society with what they have learned.

Various media have reported on Javad's successful completion of his apprenticeship:

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