Ich bin Shukriye Heidary, Näherin bei KoKoTé

I'm Shukriye Heidary, seamstress at KoKoTé

I am from Afghanistan, so my name may be difficult for you to pronounce. For the first time in my life, I am sitting in a classroom and not only learning German and mathematics, but also much more. I can see a whole world in a grain of sand! I have three children who all go to school, and my oldest son helps me with my math homework in the evenings. Although everything is a bit chaotic with three children, it is a wonderful experience to discover together this universe of knowledge that was previously hidden from me just because I am a woman! And what's even more important for me: My husband, who works in a restaurant, can help around the house while I work as a seamstress making bags for KoKoTé. We are all very busy!

Every stitch, every new word, every mathematical miracle, and every new way of thinking transforms fears into pride as I look at the finished laptop case. It's never too late to start learning. I started learning everything about language, writing and reading here in Switzerland.

I gradually fill my gaps with the additional support of my mentor and through cross-learning. During cross-learning, the “older” trainees practice with the “younger” ones. The weekly 1:1 study with my mentor also helps me to build up the required knowledge. My goal is to catch up on eight years of math knowledge in two years. This is a big challenge for me. My big dream is to train as an EBA textile practitioner, and I very much hope that I can start with it soon. My colleagues tell me that I am an extremely talented and careful seamstress. That makes me proud. We know exactly what giving and receiving means to all of us.
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