Ich bin Achinedu Enebeli, Näherin bei KoKoTé

I am Achinedu Enebeli, a seamstress at KoKoTé

It may surprise you to know that my language, Igbo, is the language of 25 to 30 million people in Nigeria. Nigeria has 525 native languages, including Igbo, which is certainly not the most widely spoken language. In addition, English is the official language of Nigeria. You can imagine why! The language certainly played an important role on my long journey to Uri. I must not forget the unspoken languages ​​that I encountered at all stages of my migration.

I am surprised to find myself working as a seamstress at the sewing machine. After I already learned Italian, I am now also learning German. I'm finally doing something I know something about and I love what I do! Perhaps it is the craftsmanship of my ancestors, be it the Yoruba or the even older Nok culture, that is now seeing a revival in the craft that I practice. In my old world, going to school was a luxury you had to pay for. No money, no school! My mother had no money.

Now I sit with my colleagues at KoKoTé school for several hours a week to catch up on what we missed as poor girls. I know in my heart that I am finally on the right path with the training I am receiving at KoKoTé. It makes me proud that I can use my skills to contribute to something important that is meaningful for other people. Come by our factory and I'll show you how well I've mastered my craft and how practical the KoKoTé "Nessi" is! Well, as women, we know that there are more important things we need to talk about. For example, what we pack in our toiletries. I know a lot about that too!

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