Ich bin Beatriz Silva, angehende Textilpraktikerin EBA

I am Beatriz Silva, aspiring textile practitioner EBA

Maybe you don't know what a poshti is. I didn't know it either when I started a job as a seamstress at KoKoTé. But maybe you've figured out that it has something to do with shopping. For me, who has lived all my life in a city called Cali in southwest Colombia and only spoke Spanish until I came to Uri with my husband in 2020, it is a little more difficult. There's a tiny difference between "I ga ga poschte!" and "Me voy de compras!" ....

In any case, Poschti has become my KoKoTé favorite and I now even make it myself. As a political refugee, I came to the KoKoTé workshop and am now completing EBA vocational training here. I'm really surprised at how interesting my work is and how a simple piece of fabric or leather, with the sewing machine and the skill of my hands, mutates into a beautiful, fun, elegant accessory that accompanies our customers in their everyday lives... And between us said, I love "ga ga poschte", especially now that my German - or let's say Swiss German - is slowly improving, thanks to my training at the Association Equilibre school with Christine and Jeannine... my strict and kind teachers!

Well, shopping can also be a strenuous sport. Sports aren't usually my passion, but I like to push all my furniture aside in the living room and dance salsa. This is the rhythm I learned from my father... we practiced it every time there was a party at home... and there were many parties despite the devastating political circumstances. Salsa really gets my heart racing and fuels a whirlwind of memories in my head. Colombia... where a completely different wind blows than here in Uri! You can't imagine how much I appreciate waking up, opening my window and seeing the high mountains of Uri and the changing colors of the seasons before my curious eyes... and then the sound of the Reuss river that takes me into the night Sleep weighs. I finally breathe fresh air and feel peace in my heart. I have only one goal, which is to learn much more about how to do my work with excellence and passion and push the level of craftsmanship to its limits!

Unfortunately we don't have enough space in the store to make a round of salsa... how I would have loved to let you feel the rhythm of the very special Colombian salsa, which is of course much more exciting than New York or Caribbean salsa. But no matter, I'm just as happy to show you how we at KoKoTé make excellent handmade everyday bags from ecological materials and beautiful, natural, traceable leather!

Just ask for me... I'm Beatriz!
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