the shopping trolley

Walking is healthy and climate-neutral. But how do you transport the weekly groceries home on foot? How to carry the heavy soil for the urban garden on the balcony? The shopping trolley is the elegant and environmentally friendly way to transport goods. We have developed the ZuZi as an indispensable everyday companion and manufacture it in our Uri factory.

The shopping trolley is no longer regarded as an outward sign of a certain stage of life. The practical means of transport is appearing more and more often in the hands of young people in the inner cities and hip urban neighbourhoods. Celebrities are also showing it off and even Louis Vuitton launched a high-end version. Being a pedestrian has not only become popular again since the pandemic. Shopping on foot and being on the move keeps you fit and independent, promotes socialising and reduces CO2 emissions. In addition, the shopping trolley is ergonomic, because it allows you to carry the big shopping home lightly, with suspension and back-friendly.

KoKoTé: Social commitment

and Swiss made

Our designer Carsten Jörgensen developed the sophisticated shopping trolley ZuZi (abbreviation for "To Pull") in close cooperation with our employees. At KoKoTé, not only are high-quality bags and accessories made from recycled materials created, but also future prospects for refugees through education and craftsmanship.

ZuZi: Functions

and materials

The ZuZi is made of regenerated nylon (Econyl®) and ecological leather fibre (Bonded Leather). We attach great importance to the origin of the materials, sustainability has the highest priority. The ZuZi offers space for a week's shopping, swimming and toys for the outdoor pool or the mobile office. Its waterproof side zips make it easy to load or unload. A side outer net offers space for an umbrella or a bouquet of flowers. Another zipped outside compartment provides a safe place for keys, wallet or mobile phone. In addition, a lockable inner compartment offers space for a laptop and much more. The lightweight aluminium frame from the German company Andersen is equipped with comfortable wheels that run smoothly even at higher speeds. The ZuZi can be carried as a backpack without the frame, and the bag can be detached from the frame in just a few practical steps. This way, the shopping is quickly in the flat even without a lift. And finally, the frame can also be used on its own to transport barrels of mineral bottles, potting soil or materials from the DIY store. With an additional coupling from Andersen, the ZuZi can even be attached to a bicycle.

KoKoTé ZuZi: 3-fold benefit

in 3 colours

The ZuZi shopping trolley is good for fitness, for the climate and for the community. Available in black, ochre or green, ZuZi is a must-have for stylish people - without the granny touch.

ZuZi, the shopping trolley, is available in the online shop, in our manufactory shop in Schattdorf or in our flagship shop at Stüssihofstatt 11 in Zurich's Niederdorf.

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