I am a bag maker at KoKoTé

and made the laptop bag.

Hello, I am Shukriye Haidary!

I am a bag maker at KoKoTé and I made the bag you can see below. I am very proud of it! My colleagues and I named it "IQ+", which is a bit easier to pronounce than my first name, I guess? I'm from Afghanistan, so it's not so easy for you to pronounce. I'm in the shop today and I'd like to tell you how I made this laptop bag and why I'm proud of it. For the first time in my life, I am sitting on a school bench and learning much more than just German and maths. I can see a whole world in a grain of sand! I have three children who all go to school, and my eldest son helps me with maths in the evenings. It's all a bit chaotic with three children, but it's a wonderful experience to open up together to this universe of knowledge that was previously hidden from me just because I'm a woman! And more importantly for me, my husband, who works in a restaurant, can help in the household while I make bags for KoKoTé as a seamstress. Hujahhh we are all very busy! Every stitch - every new word - every mathematical wonder - every new way of thinking turns fears into pride when I look at the finished laptop bag. Ironically, the bag is named "IQ+". It's never too late to start learning. Anyway, you should know before we meet in the shop that my German is so-so, but if it's not good enough, my colleague Mariann Christen will help us. The best part is that I get to give you a few % discount on the bags I made! Today only, of course! My colleagues and I don't like the words "sale" and "cheap", but we love to "give" because we know exactly what give and take means to all of us.

Shukriye Haidary

To the IQ+
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I find this extraordinarily sensible and also courageous,

that your mother is still doing an apprenticeship here in Switzerland, because it takes courage to do an apprenticeship at this age - all respect.

Daughter's teacher

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