The resolution of our Women's Day competition

"Less is more" - the idea of our winner

Bea Landolt from Kippel won a ZuZi with this simple yet powerful idea. The lucky winner was drawn from our lottery pot by Amene Nuri. We congratulate her from the bottom of our hearts and wish her much joy with her new companion.

Gewinnerin Bea Landolt

Many wonderful ideas came together and we thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts. Of course, we don't want to keep them from you.

  • "If you want to buy a new appliance that you don't use often: first ask your neighbours if they have one to lend you." Sibylle Arnold from Bürglen
  • "Smile at people you don't know! It might be returned." Faria from Flüelen
  • "KoKoTé "Where to" ... together we can do it." Christine Portner from Belp
  • "Every time a child is born to family or a friend, plant a tree dedicated to them!" Carine Garcia from Uznach
  • "Instead of generalising, be curious about our counterparts." Franziska from Basel
  • "The shortest distance between two people is a smile." Anonymous
  • "Je rassemble toutes les poussières d'espoir en moi." Anonymous
  • "Comme les Anglais pendant la 2ème guerre mondiale (The Silent Minute / Big Ben) respectez chaque soir à 20h00. (21h00 à Londres) une minute de silence respectivement de prière pour la paix dans le monde, pour la fin des conflits... Merci !" Robert Kaspar from Kloten
  • "Dancing, singing, meditating together" Susanna Schuppisser from Romanshorn
  • "Namaskar" Anke from Pfäffikon ZH
  • "Keep the faith in yourself and in the good in people to make the impossible possible." Summary Anonymous
  • "Namasté gesture to all people" Anonymous
  • "WISH TO THE UNIVERSE: Go the forest, to the garden, to the balcony, to your favourite place in nature. Be completely with yourself and focus your undivided attention on your heartfelt, peaceful wish. Send it in your thoughts to the universe. Accompany your wish until you no longer see it and then let it go, let it fly free. You can also close your eyes while doing this." Joanes Thom from Zurich
  • "Speak out our fears and worries. When we no longer like to speak or are speechless, articulate this and light a candle or place a flower in a special / central place. OR Before a meeting or similar, sing or listen together to a simple well-known peace song, e.g. We shall overcome. OR Place a book where all who like can write a thought, a wish, their hope." Anonymous
  • "Stay positive despite everything. Enjoy life with others and laugh together." Mariann Christen from Fahrwangen
  • "That the students from all over the world who studied in Kiev can finish their studies with us in Europe." Elisabeth Pfäfflin from Zurich
  • "Respect and understanding for the situation of others. Not to take oneself so seriously. Defeating desire." Eva Herger from Seedorf

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