Shukriye Heidary, seamstress

"Never too late to learn."

Shukriye Heidary comes from Afghanistan. She lives here with her husband and 3 children.

She went to school with us for the first time and learns so much more than German and maths every time. All her children go to school here and her eldest son helps her with maths in the evening. "While I'm learning with my son, the other children also need my attention and care, and even though it's a bit chaotic, it's a wonderful experience to tap into a universe of knowledge together that was previously hidden from me just because I'm a woman."

She really appreciates the craft and togetherness at KoKoTé. Shukriye takes great pride in every product she creates because the experience has taught her to turn fear into pride. Because it is never too late to learn something new.


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