We are looking for personal ideas for a peaceful climate

Today is Women's Day

A day that is particularly close to our hearts, especially because our educational and integration services are mainly used by refugee women.

As we are currently preoccupied and concerned about the war in Ukraine, we are taking this day as an opportunity to gather ideas on how a more peaceful climate is possible in our everyday lives and how we can strengthen ourselves and others in the face of the situation that leaves us all perplexed. Peace is one of the highest goods and we are still privileged in Switzerland to live together peacefully.

Send us your personal ideas. We will display the collected ideas in our shop window in Zurich's Niederdorf, where thousands of passers-by walk by every day. In this way, we want to work together for better coexistence in our society, for mutual support and solidarity, all of which are also key values of KoKoTé.

Here is the entry form: https://forms.gle/DfRb6qkdJQVo...

All entries received by 22 March 2022 will be entered into a draw for a "ZuZi" shopping trolley worth CHF 350.

The winner is...coming soon!

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