Great interest in the sale

of the KoKoTé shopping trolleys "ZuZi" in Altdorf.

Last Saturday, 11 June 2022, 400 of our ZuZi shopping trolleys were sold at a special price in Altdorf as part of the Albert Köchlin Foundation's (AKS) "Clever on the Move" campaign days. The AKS and KoKoTé want to encourage people to walk more. The interest was huge and the shopping trolleys sold out in record time.

Right from the start, there was a huge crowd on this very warm June day in Altdorf. For one week, the municipality of Altdorf was in the focus of pedestrian traffic. Throughout the week, various events and activities for the population took place. The "clever unterwegs im Fussverkehr" project launched by the Albert Köchlin Foundation (AKS) provided the impetus to rediscover the advantages of walking. In a survey, the population of the municipality of Altdorf was also able to give feedback on where the infrastructure for pedestrians is good and where there is potential for improvement.

Andrang ZuZi Verkauf

Last Saturday, 11 June 2022, the people of Uri had the opportunity to buy a "local" shopping trolley ZuZi from KoKoTé at favourable conditions as part of the campaign week. KoKoTé produces high-quality bags and accessories in Schattdorf in the canton of Uri. They are made by refugees from all over the world. They are designed by the renowned designer Carsten Jörgensen in close cooperation with the employees. KoKoTé pursues the idea of intercultural exchange and integration through work and education.

ZuZi schwarz

The interest was huge. The 400 ZuZi shopping trolleys were sold out in just under three hours. The most popular were the coloured ZuZis, in blue and ochre. The queue formed early, but the visitors were still in a good mood and there was an extremely exciting exchange. They also praised the smooth running and organisation of the event. The ZuZi shopping trolley can also be attached to a bicycle with a coupling, which makes shopping even more convenient. These couplings to the separate KoKoTé stand were also in great demand and quickly sold out.

We are very happy that we can contribute to the fact that more and more people are now shopping with the shopping trolley in a CO2-neutral way and are even doing something for their health by walking.


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