With our ZuZi

clever on the road in Kriens

Until 18 May 2022, the city of Kriens was in the focus of pedestrian traffic. Throughout the week, various events and activities for the population took place.

Clever unterweg

The project "CLEVER UNTERWEGS im Fussverkehr" (CLEVER ON THE MOVEMENT IN FOOT TRANSPORT), launched by the Albert Koechlin Foundation AKS, provides an impetus to pay more attention to the often forgotten pedestrian traffic. The highlight of the Pedestrian Week was Saturday, 14 May 2022, with the sale of 400 high-quality, sustainable KoKoTé shopping trolleys ZuZi to the people of Kriens. The sale was once again a complete success and we are very happy to see more ZuZis in the Kriens cityscape and that another 400 households can now transport their weekly shopping home in a CO2-neutral way.

The next Pedestrian Week is planned for 8-14 June 2022 in Altdorf and the people of Altdorf can benefit from the offer and buy a sustainably produced shopping trolley for CHF 45 instead of CHF 350 on Lehnplatz. The sale starts on Saturday, 11 June, from 8.30 am. It will run until all the shopping trolleys are gone.

Thanks to the Albert Koechlin Foundation AKS for the great cooperation!