No everyday life at KoKoTé

A day at the KoKoTé Shop Zurich is not like any other.

A contribution by Kira Veyre, sales assistant KoKoTé Shop Zurich.

The day at KoKoTé often starts slowly. After everything is prepared, there is enough time. Time that I like to spend with a cup of coffee, outside on the narrow, shady alley, while the Niederdorf slowly awakens. I look for scattered rays of sunshine and watch the people of Zurich. Old, young, content, worried, in a great hurry, strolling leisurely - in the Stüssihofstatt everything finds its place.

Hours can pass in which little happens and only occasionally someone enters the shop. And then, as if out of nowhere, it starts. At first there might be only one person, but in the meantime another woman comes in, the first customer leaves again, a group of three tourists takes his place instead. Before the question, "Can I help you?" can even be asked, because I'm still talking to another customer, the group has already disappeared out the door again.

Of course, it is not always as hectic as this narrative might make it seem. Often there are only single people in the shop, so I can take my time for each and everyone. I value the opportunity for this exchange very much; exciting conversations on a wide variety of topics can develop from it.

Just as varied as the number of people in the shop and the conversations are, of course, the customers themselves. There are those who enter the shop purposefully, take a quick look around and immediately know what they want. Others examine a wide variety of bags, in all colours, and like to try them on. Some may have come in just to browse (or, depending on the weather, to escape the rain, for example) and suddenly discover something they really like. Some already know exactly about our project, our materials and the place of production, others have never heard of it before passing by our shop.

Every day at KoKoTé is different, every day offers room for surprises. So only one thing is certain: it remains exciting.


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