On the road with ZuZi

The shopping trolley for climate-friendly and healthy living.

Since I started travelling with the ZuZi shopping trolley, my life has become even more climate-friendly and yet, or perhaps because of that, more convenient. With a family at home, I often drove by car to do the weekly shopping, even though I live in the middle of the city of Zurich. Carrying the heavy bags home was not an option for me. Now, with the ZuZi, that's no longer necessary. I pull the heavy weekly shopping home effortlessly, even over cobblestones thanks to the extremely stable frame and the large wheels. Thanks to the backpack function, I can carry the load up three floors in no time.

The ZuZi is now always with us on weekend excursions. The other day we visited a family friend in Basel. Instead of everyone packing a rucksack, everyone put their belongings in a cloth bag (so that it was easy to find and distinguish) and then packed it in the ZuZi. This made the trip feel wonderfully light and effortless. The various outside and inside pockets made it easy to find our mobile phone, wallet, keys and UNO cards. And we attracted a lot of attention. Our friends were thrilled with the idea of taking the trolley along for the city trip. And such a stylish one at that. I'm not giving my ZuZi back!

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The ZuZi as a weekender

The shopping trolley is also perfect for a weekend trip.

Our fully packed ZuZi shopping trolley at Basel station.

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