My name is Achinedu Enebeli and

my mother tongue is "Igbo"!

It may surprise you to know that this is the language of 25 to 30 million people in Nigeria. Nigeria has 525 mother tongues like Igbo, and this is certainly not the most widely spoken of them. What's more, English is the official language of Nigeria. You can guess why! Certainly, language has played an important role in my long journey to Uri. First Italian and now German, not to mention the unspoken languages I have encountered at all stages of my migration. It is a bit ironic that my KoKoTé project is a Necessaire and is called "Nessi". I am surprised to find myself at the sewing machine as a seamstress. Finally I'm doing something I know something about and I love what I do! Maybe it's the craftsmanship of my ancestors - whether it's the Yoruba or the even older Nok culture - which, although so far away, is now experiencing a revival in the craft I do. In my old world, going to school was a luxury that had to be paid for. No money, no school! My mother had no money. Now I sit at the KoKoTé school desk with my colleagues for several hours a week to make up for what we missed as poor girls. I know in my heart that I am finally on the right track with my training as a "Textile Technician EBA", which I will start this year and hopefully finish in 2024. It makes me proud that I can contribute to something important with much more competence that makes sense for other people. Come in and let me show you how good I am at my craft and how practical KoKoTé "Nessi" is! Well, we as women know that there are much more important things to talk about: the things we put in the necessaire, of course. I know a lot about that too!

Achinedu Enebeli

To the Nessi
Association Equilibre Portraits Najiba
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I find this extraordinarily sensible and also courageous,

that your mother is still doing an apprenticeship here in Switzerland, because it takes courage to do an apprenticeship at this age - all respect.

Daughter's teacher

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