The "Pändler" business bag is probably

the most complicated bag to make in the KoKoTé collection!

It consists of 84 individual parts! I know this because I've already done a few KoKoTé "dealerships". My name is Javad, my surname is Hosseini and you might have guessed that I am from Afghanistan. Actually, that's not my whole story, because I was 14 years old when I had to flee to Iran and years later to Switzerland. I am a saddler and know how to sew things together, even if they are as complicated as the designs of Carsten - our designer. Carsten is a nerd. And I like that, because it means I can show him all the craftsmanship I learned in Iran and, most importantly, what can and can't be done! So I teach him!!! Well, we share the satisfaction when things go right and the end product has the high quality craftsmanship that all of us at KoKoTé have strived for over the years. Everyone in our family is dedicated to learning: my wife Asma and our three children, Mustafa, Sarah and our youngest princess Aischa who is 3 years old. We soak up all knowledge like sponges. Not only German as a new language at KoKoTé School, but also a new way to realise our dreams and develop our talents. This is how we can make our contribution. But for now, I am a "bag maker" for KoKoTé. In 2023, I will have completed my Swiss apprenticeship as a textile apprentice EBA. And in the meantime, I'll be making a whole series of "pändlers". I'm really proud of the latest one - you should definitely come to the shop to see and touch it. It's made of traceable natural leather and costs a fortune. But I'm also happy to show you the one made from recycled fishing nets if you don't want to spend a fortune, although this one lasts forever too. It's really affordable when you know it's made of 84 individual pieces that have been cut and sewn together.

It's a companion for life, I promise!

Javad Hossieni


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