My passion

I am very happy to share my passion for arts and crafts.


My name is Jaël and I am doing my apprenticeship at KoKoTé as a Leather & Textile Specialist EFZ and I expect to finish in 2024. I started working at KoKoTé a year ago. I grew up in the canton of Uri and one day I made the decision of my life in the gym. I wanted to pursue my passion for arts and crafts. Together with Janine I am doing the apprenticeship. There are only a few of us in Switzerland who do this training. I think it is very important that we keep this kind of craft alive in Switzerland. Because we all put our soul and passion into our work and training. I would be very happy if you would join me in the shop to get a feel for what I do and what excites me about my profession. "Eitäger de Luxe" is made of the softest leather you can imagine and the design of the Eitäger is also a bit like "normal street clothes". I found that the contrast between something decidedly luxurious like leather and a "normal" product can become a kind of understatement, because the Eitäger is. Because of the quality of the leather and my work, it's not as cheap as the one we have in our basic range. It's actually too expensive for me to afford on my apprentice wage. But my "egg carrier" is worth every centime, I promise you! Just come by for a chat and don't worry, I won't be disappointed if you leave with a simple egg carrier! But if you like the product as much as I do, you can order the "Eitäger de Luxe" right away. Ohhh I forgot to mention that my language is Swiss German. I have to admit that neither my Portuguese nor my Farsi can keep up with my colleagues. So I speak a bit of Swiss English!

See you around....

Jaël Marbet

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I find this extraordinarily sensible and also courageous,

that your mother is still doing an apprenticeship here in Switzerland, because it takes courage to do an apprenticeship at this age - all respect.

Daughter's teacher

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