"I am proud of everything related to KoKoTé".

Gönül Avcu has been the production manager in the manufactory since the beginning of KoKoTé. Under her instruction, unique products are created.

Dear Gönül, how do you start your day at KoKoTé Manufacture?

I am usually at the manufactory at 7.10 a.m. and open the windows to provide fresh air so that the day starts well for everyone.

From 7.20 a.m. the employees come to learn German for an hour. We greet each other, I ask them how they are. Those who have something to tell me share their worries or joys.

At 8 o'clock I sit down with Ali (my deputy) and discuss the day's schedule. We write down which employees produce which product. Every day is interesting and varied.

How long have you been production manager?

I have been working at KoKoTé as production manager since November 2015. Franz Huber, our CEO, was already my supervisor when I worked as a seamstress at the Bally shoe factory. That was about 25 years ago.

How did you get this job/Kokoté?

Franz Huber asked a sewing department manager at the time for a good seamstress - and she gave him my name. I was working at Ottos Warenposten as a textile saleswoman and cashier when I got the offer to work for the JLT Company.

What are the biggest challenges in your daily work?

Firstly, it is a big challenge to produce good quality products. In many cultures, even a slightly crooked seam is something beautiful...

On the other hand, I find it challenging to convey calmness, balance and motivation to the employees. We always have a lot going on. You have to listen to everyone and show them that they are very important people. That sometimes takes a lot of energy.

What are you most proud of?

There is a lot:

Of the development of the JLT Company/KoKoTé.
Of the progress and development of our staff.
Of me... that I can also contribute my share to the development.
To our first apprentice Ali Ghorbani, who graduated with a great grade of 5.5 (best in class).
To working with Carsten Jörgensen, our designer. That's very great!
And...and ...and...I am actually proud of everything related to the JLT Company.
Do you have a favourite product?

I have several favourite products. I love the "Commis", it is a very practical yet elegant bag. At the moment my "Diäner" is travelling with me. The many compartments inside are wonderful. Everything has its place. It is difficult to call only one product a favourite :)

Gönül Commis
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My favourite product? I have several favourite products.

I love the "Commis", it is a very practical yet elegant bag. At the moment, my "Diäner" is travelling with me.

Gönül Avcu - Head of Production

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