KoKoTé and Globi: Bags for Kids

A solid partnership

We had been working on the development of a children's bag for quite some time. At some point Globi was in the room and everyone was excited about the idea of applying for a Globi licence. After all, there is hardly a child in Switzerland who doesn't know Globi. The sympathies were mutual and so this fruitful cooperation with Globi Verlag came about.

We and Globi Verlag place great value on Swiss quality. Both launch products that are contemporary. Globi has a long tradition in Switzerland. And we build on Swiss tradition, such as the craft of sewing and the manufacture of leather and textile products.

Kinder mit Globi Taschen

The Globi children's bags have always been coordinated with children and thus optimised in a joint process in terms of function and carrying comfort. The result is five super-light, robust, water-repellent children's bags made of sustainable ecological materials - all aspects that are particularly important for children's products.

"With the Globi children's bags, KoKoTé is expanding its range of children's bags and showing that sustainable bag production in Switzerland is still possible today," says Franz Huber, the initiator of KoKoTé, happily.

Where can the Globi children's bags be bought?

The Globi children's bags by KoKoTé are now available in the online shop, in the flagship store in Zurich and in the manufactory shop in Schattdorf. They are also available in selected specialist shops.


4 November 2023, 2-5 pm:
Globi visits the KoKoTé Shop at Stüssihofstatt 11 in Zurich and signs Globi children's bags.

18 November 2023, 11am-5pm:
Globi visits the KoKoTé manufactory (Ried 2b, Schattdorf) as part of the open day. There will also be a Globi magic show.
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