How co-creativity helps to design better products.

The brand and all KoKoTé products are designed in a co-creative process by the refugees and the designer Carsten Jörgensen.

Co-creativity is a new trend in the design industry. The trend is moving away from the sole designer to a process where everyone is involved according to their possibilities and the result is a collaborative work instead of an ego trip. All KoKoTé products have been developed in close collaboration between the employees and Carsten Jörgensen. Jörgensen actively held back and let everyone first define for themselves what a product must be able to do from their point of view or what it stands for. In this way, all the cultures of KoKoTé's employees were incorporated. The result shows the successful process and the above-average identification of all those involved.

The University of Vienna defines co-creativity as follows:

- Ethics and participation: generating, exploring and communicating new ideas with a valuable impact on the community and discarding other ideas that lack such potential.

- Dialogue: Asking questions, discussing new ideas is at the heart of co-creativity. Find ways to negotiate conflicts or move in other directions when conflicts cannot be resolved.

- Control & Responsibility: Taking control of different parts of the creative process, understanding consequences of their decisions and actions, making decisions about new ideas and actions for which they want to take responsibility.

- Immersion & Immersion: To be fully immersed in the co-creative activities. Flow and enjoyment of co-creative activities sometimes lead to taking risks and generating surprising individual or collaborative ideas and actions.

- Re-framing: Producing and allowing irritations to break up routinised thinking and action and to develop new ways of thinking and acting.

- Emotional lateral thinking: expressing emotions and talking about how emotions affect ideas and actions. Anticipating emotions and emotional possibilities for generating ideas.

KoKoTé is convinced that better results can be achieved with this process and, above all, that employees are much happier. We hope that other companies will follow this example.

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"Everyone should be able to work creatively,

regardless of origin."

Carsten Jörgensen - Designer

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