• Axpo – Hydro Energy & Biomass

    The first inquiry came at the end of August 2023, and at the end of October we had already produced 300 laptop cases for the Axpo Group . We were very happy to create a meaningful gift for Axpo employees.

  • Clever on the move ” – A project by the Albert Köchlin Foundation ( AKS )

    The Pedestrian Week gives walking a platform. In focus
    is the shopping traffic. With the inexpensive sale of the high-quality “ZuZi” shopping trolleys from KoKoTé, “clever on the go in pedestrian traffic” strengthens local shopping in the community and creates a positive atmosphere for more foot traffic. We made a total of xx shopping trolleys for “Clever on the go”.

  • CSS Insurance (upcycling)

    There had been old advertising posters in the CSS warehouse for a long time, but there was no longer any use for them because they still bore the old logo. In the KoKoTé factory, we used it to produce new products for the CSS employees. The old sheets were used to create 800 padded and unpadded laptop sleeves, which will bring CSS employees joy for a long time to come.

  • Gisler 1843 AG (upcycling)

    Gisler 1843 AG is our specialist for all printed matter. While discussing a printing order, the idea arose to turn their old advertising posters with the old logos into a new product. Within a short time, a Gisler 1843 AG EcoBag was created based on the KoKoTé EcoBag model
    manufactured, which now serves as a customer gift.

  • Green Liberal Party Switzerland (upcycling)

    We were very happy to produce bags from old election sheets for the Green Liberal Party of Switzerland . Many thanks for the good cooperation!

  • Herzog AG

    As a gift for all Herzog AG employees for the company's 100th anniversary, we worked with Herzog AG to create a unique bag that incorporated the company's colors. The green part is made of bonded leather and the black lid and back are made of ECONYL®. The yellow belts come from Aargau.

  • Lucernemobile

    For the relaunch of Luzernmobil, the city of Lucerne's transport company offered various deals for sustainable mobility. In the “on foot” area, Lucerne residents were able to benefit from a discounted “ZuZi” shopping trolley with the Luzernmobil branding.

  • Strüby Holzbau AG (upcycling)

    In the summer of 2021, we received a request as to whether we could make bags with the old tarpaulins from Strüby Holzbau AG . Prototypes were developed by our employees within a short period of time. After a visit to the Uri factory, Strüby ordered 100 pieces of the “ Leggero ” model adapted to their needs in the summer of 2022. A sensible and original use for the waste that has become useless and would otherwise have had to be disposed of at great expense.

  • Theater company Horw (upcycling)

    The Horw theater company became aware of us through a newspaper article about KoKoTé and approached us to transform their old sheets into new, beautiful bags. A successful upcycling project!

  • Sanitas health insurance

    We have repeatedly made laptop sleeves for Sanitas health insurance , which came to our attention in 2020 through a report in 20 Minutes . The laptop sleeves made from sustainable materials produced in our Uri factory are a gift for new Sanitas employees.

  • Alpentöne music festival 2023

    For «Alpentöne –
    International Music Festival», we produced cell phone cases based on our Surplus model. We were very proud to be part of this high-profile local music festival with international appeal.

The KoKoTé Pändler as a Christmas present for the seventeen13 architects