The resources of our planet are precious,

that is why KoKoTé uses ecological materials in production

The ecological materials used include Econyl® and Bonded Leather. These materials have a particularly low C02 footprint. We also use vegetable-tanned genuine leather.

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Regenerated nylon

Econyl is a sustainable and fully recycled nylon. This is how plastic waste from landfills and oceans (fishing nets) is transformed into regenerated ECONYL® nylon. It is equivalent to newly manufactured nylon and can be recycled again and again. In other words: New products are created from "used material".

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Bonded Leather

Leather fibre

A high-quality recycled product made from vegetable-tanned leather scraps and natural latex. The leather fibre fabric, also called Salpa, is very light and yet hard-wearing. It is therefore particularly suitable for bag parts. Bonded Leather consists of over 90% renewable raw materials.

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Sustainable production processes

There is little waste at KoKoTé

We try to cut the materials to size as far as possible without waste. Nevertheless, depending on the product, there are always a few centimetres where the roll is too wide or too long. These so-called offcuts are further processed into accessories such as pen cases, key cases or other interesting small accessories. Again and again, our employees come up with unique ideas, which are then implemented.

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The production of KoKoTé products is

stylish, sustainable, inclusive and handmade in Uri.

Visit our manufactory, we are there for you from Monday - Friday.

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