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Design & Development

In the co-creative process

When we develop a product at KoKoté, we do so in a co-creative process in which each person's contribution has value. For Carsten Jörgensen, joint success means: "It's not the designer who made it, it's the team".

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Handmade in Uri

From design to sales, everything takes place in Uri. Our craftsmen and women make all KoKoTé products in the Uri manufactory. From A to Z, KoKoTé has solid craftsmanship that meets the highest quality standards.

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When we look at a newly manufactured KoKoTé product together

Let's experience the moment of having created something valuable for ourselves and others

Gönül Avcu, Head of Production

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Made in Uri

When our customers see the marks of a practised hand in a KoKoTé product and find a whole life represented in each stitch of a bag, then we have achieved our most important goal - we have connected an everyday product with meaning.

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Manufacture Shop

Ried 2B in Schattdorf

Monday - Friday, 9.00 - 17.00

We are happy to show you the entire KoKoTé collection in the manufactory shop. This is also an opportunity to meet the craftsmen and women and gain an insight into production. The team is looking forward to meeting customers and people who are interested in KoKoTé.

All KoKoTé products

Available in our online shop
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Our production of KoKoTé products

Sustainable, inclusive and handmade in Uri

In the Uri manufactory, a multicultural team produces bags and accessories. The result is not only high-quality products, but also future prospects for refugees through education and work.