"KoKoTé" - means "Where to" in Swahili

We often ask a refugee, "where are you from?" instead of asking him "where are you going?"

The KoKoTé brand was launched in August 2019 and is part of the JLT Company in Schattdorf. Through education and work, KoKoTé creates future prospects for refugees. In the Uri manufactory, a multicultural team produces bags and accessories. The work and integration project produces high-quality products with meaning.

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A motley KoKoTé team

Around 20 people work together in the team

They come from many different countries - Somalia, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Turkey, Portugal, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland.

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Education (catch-up education) combined with work

Getting to know the Swiss working world, learning German and individual catch-up training make the refugees fit for the future.

The refugees work practically in production for 3 days. For 2 half days, they attend classes at the Association Equilibre, taught by vocational training specialist Christine Blaser. In addition, they talk to their mentor every week and learn one hour a day with the computer-assisted German learning programme "Rosetta Stone" in the company. The colloquial language at KoKoTé is German so that everyone understands what is being said.

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