Refugees are trained at KoKoTé,

so that they have a better entry into the Swiss labour market.

During the education days, German and mathematics are the main subjects learned. Since learning and practising the German language is central, each refugee receives a mentor during the internship.

At KoKoTé, the refugees receive 2 days of education and self-learning per week. Of these, 2 half-days are lessons in German, mathematics and general education, taught by the vocational school teacher Christine Blaser; 1 half-day involves self-learning under professional guidance with "Rosetta Stone". Their mentor accompanies them with homework. In addition, there are smaller or larger daily sequences in which German is learned at the workplace; these are mainly technical terms. To ensure that everyone understands each other, the colloquial language is German.

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Individual and personal support

At KoKoTé, refugees can complete an internship, an intermediate year, a pre-apprenticeship, an EBA or an EFZ vocational training. At KoKoTé, 2 days of the week are devoted to education. Learning takes place in class, in conversation with the mentor, in self-study and with interactive tools on the internet.

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Training and catch-up education

Internship, intermediate year, pre-apprenticeship year or an EFZ or EBA vocational training course

At KoKoTé, refugees who are older than 26 can complete an internship, an intermediate year, a pre-apprenticeship year or an EFZ or EBA vocational training. And there are many tailor-made variants for women.

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Empancipation Education and work

When we see people emancipating themselves and gaining self-worth through education and work, we have succeeded in forging new partnerships for a shared future.

Emancipation training and work
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Ali Ghorbani

Trained textile apprentice EBA

Ali Ghorbanis performance is exceptional. After only three years at school, the Afghan refugee has just completed his LAP at the top of his class, with a 5.5 in theory and a 6 in practice. Now he is permanently employed at KoKoTé as a deputy production manager.

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Janine Duarte

In training as a textile technician EBA

Janine was born in Switzerland, but has spent most of her life in Portugal. She came to Switzerland for good 6 years ago and decided to do an apprenticeship as a textile technician. She is in her 2nd year of apprenticeship and a great support in our team.

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Najiba Zadozaharo

In training as a textile technician EBA

Najiba is an emancipated, cheerful woman who came to Switzerland with her whole family five years ago. At the age of 52, she decided to seize the opportunity and train as a textile technician. She wants to live an independent life in Switzerland.

Work placement

An ideal combination of work and education

Especially for refugees who have little or no previous schooling, a work placement at KoKoTé is an ideal combination of work and education. They do manual work and receive appreciation for their practical skills.

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A process that extends over many years

The sustainable integration of older refugees through work and education is a process that takes several years. The investment is worthwhile because it is the most effective means for refugees to achieve a self-determined life beyond social welfare.

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