Kinder und Familien zu Fuss unterwegs

Children and families on foot

The Albert Köchlin Foundation AKS supports our project “Moving a lot on a small footprint”

The Association Equilibre and KoKoTé, together with the Children's Hiking Trails Switzerland Association, will teach children the advantages of walking. Children will be able to collect points in a playful way: for example, if they go on a hike or are environmentally conscious. If children reach a certain number of points, they can exchange them for our high-quality, sustainable and locally produced Globi children's bags. This means that children between the ages of 5 and 10 experience walking as a natural, practical form of mobility.
The project “clever on the move in the real laboratory” launched by the Albert Köchlin Foundation (AKS) provided the impetus for this new project. Therefore, an application for financial support was submitted. We are very happy that AKS will support this project financially and look forward to further collaboration.

Here you will find an interesting article: Urner Wochenblatt from November 29, 2023

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