The dealer has the design-oriented architect

and also the project that is being supported with it.

The well-coordinated team of siebzehn13 architekten ag designs and realises buildings in all aspects of modern architecture. The three partners Philipp Aregger, Falk Grimm, Yves Michel and their interdisciplinary team complement each other in the areas of design, coordination and execution.

The decision to have their own company bags produced by KoKoTé came about during a spontaneous visit. The design-oriented architects immediately liked the dealer and the project it supports. Advertising with meaning and value. The unique products of the JLT Company / KoKoTé are a sign of respect and openness and offer numerous people a future perspective.

B2B products
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Fragezeichen ocker

With the purchase of a KoKoTé product,

you support traditional Swiss values such as solid craftsmanship, education and cultural openness.

When I saw the images of refugee tragedies in the Mediterranean every day in the media in 2015, it was clear to me that although I could not help there, I wanted to do something concrete for the refugees locally. This was the birth of JLT Company AG and KoKoTé. Franz Huber, co-founder and CEO

Fragezeichen Schwarz

Individual design

As individual as your company

If you want your own print design or logo on the bag, this is a joint project. Ideas are collected and feasibility is clarified. Each bag is unique.

Fragezeichen Rot Custom Made ok 2020