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"KoKoTé" means "Where to" in Swahili?

We often ask a person, "where are you from?" instead of asking "where are you going?"

A multicultural team manufactures bags and accessories in the Uri-based factory of KoKoTé. The result is not only high-quality products, but also future prospects for refugees through professional education and paid work.

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Fragezeichen Schwarz

Products for companies

Swissmade customer and employee gifts, stylish, sustainable and inclusive

With the purchase of a bag or accessory made in Uri, they acquire a high-quality swissmade gift for customers and employees. In addition, they support an entrepreneurial approach to integration.

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Fresh from the factory
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Swissmade in the Uri manufactory

The craftsmen and women do everything themselves, from the template, the cutting of the individual parts to the attachment of the small parts and the precise sewing together of the KoKoTé products. The highest quality, ecology and safety are important.

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Tailor-made education

and individual support

We pay attention to the refugees' professional, linguistic and personal differences and promote each person specifically according to their potential. Together we plan and organise the concrete educational measures for the professional development of each individual.

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